Precise Calculator

Precise Calculator (32 bits)

A scientific calculator with its own programming language


  • Includes a simple programming language
  • Support for a bunch of measurement units and constants
  • Lets you record expressions and macros


  • No plotting functionality
  • Coding editor is too simple


Precise Calculator is like the Windows default calculator on steroids – a powerful scientific calculator for all your math and science needs.

With Precise Calculator you can solve all sorts of statistics, geometry, maths and algebra problems in a quick, hassle-free way. It even includes its own coding language to define vectors, design matrices, calculate statistical data and code easy mathematical apps.

The interface in Precise Calculator is quite simple: buttons to the right and two text areas on the left side, one to enter the data and another one to display the results once you press Enter or hit the EXE button.

Unfortunately Precise Calculator doesn’t include a plotting tool to draw functions like other scientific calculators do. Also, the coding editor is just a simple text field that doesn’t support any format.

Precise Calculator is a handy scientific calculator with which you can perform all sorts of mathematical, statistical, algebra and geometry operations.

Precise Calculator


Precise Calculator (32 bits)

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